All Master Plumbers and Multi-disciplinary Engineers/Architects as well as Plumbing and Waterworks designers and contractors are cordially invited to attend the various PSPE seminars, conventions and conferences to earn PRC-CPE Credit Units.

All technical session since 2014 have earned all delegates the CPE Credits Units. Since then more delegates are attending our conferences. Aside from our in-house lecturer, we have also invited top rated technical lecturer for every conferences we have organized.



PLUMBING JOURNAL’s 14th issue featuring Drainage System

The Plumbing Journal is a bi-annual magazine which successfully released its 13th issue last April and is now available in selected National Bookstores nationwide.

Now, we are presenting you our 14th issue featuring “Design of Drainage System for Subdivision”, which will again be an additional technical and professional knowledge for advances of today’s plumbing engineering profession.

For the 14th issue, it’s a compound of articles that talks about Green Plumbing, plumbing designs, upcoming projects and other lectures and articles for the trade that is designed to appeal to a broad range of readers, who represent the full spectrum of plumbing engineering disciplines. Other includes reports on the activities of the society and its industry.

We are delighted for the continued support of our sponsors and readers that we reached our seventh year in publication. And we are giving back our gratitude to them by providing substantial content in the coming issues.